About the Newspaper

The Powder Keg remained in print until the Hastings Ammunition Depot closed following the Korean War. This project chronicles the newspaper from its inception on September 17, 1943 through the newspaper's announcement of V-E Day on May 11, 1945.

About the Project

This project was completed as part of Dr. Doug Seefeldt's seminar on the methods and practices of Digital History at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It originated in the author's interest in the conceptions of manhood amongst men with 4-F deferments during WWII. In examining these newspapers, it became apparent that all men on the homefront were looking to prove their masculinity in the face of drastic social changes and constraints.

About the Author

Brandon Locke is a first year MA student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, studying Modern American History, with an emphasis on gender and an interest in the methods of Digital Humanities.